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Sharing scholarship and insight on pressing Asia-Pacific topics

Our publishing program

We disseminate research and insight by the Shorenstein APARC intellectual community through an active publishing program that includes an array of books, working papers, and policy briefs. In addition, our faculty and researchers publish extensively in peer-reviewed, academic journals and in scholarly and trade presses. They also frequently provide commentary on newsworthy topics affecting Asia and U.S.-Asia relations.

Featured Publications

Cover of the book 'Being in North Korea'

Providing a Unique View into Life in North Korea

Drawing on his extensive in-country experience, Andray Abrahamian’s new book, ‘Being in North Korea,’ addresses the question "What is it like there?", revealing North Koreans as individuals and a North Korea that is changing.
Cover of the book 'The Deer and the Dragon: Southeast Asia and China in the 21st Century'

Analyzing China-Southeast Asia Relations in the 21st Centurry

In Donald K. Emmerson’s new edited volume, ‘The Deer and the Dragon,’ experts explore how Southeast Asian nations are navigating complex challenges in relation to their powerful and increasingly assertive neighbor.
Fateful Decisions: Choices That Will Shape China's Future

Understanding the Determinants of China’s Future Trajectories

Analyzing the factors and constraints that shape Chinese actors’ decisions in managing the daunting challenges they now face, a new volume helps decisionmakers interpret and respond to developments in and by China.

APARC Monograph Series with Stanford University Press

Jointly with Stanford University Press, the Center produces the series Studies of the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, featuring academic research by our faculty and scholars.

APARC In-House Series with the Brookings Institution Press

The Center produces a self-published book series featuring policy-relevant research and analysis by our scholars and affiliates. Titles in this series are distributed by Brookings Institution Press.



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Spending Without Taxation: FILP and the Politics of Public Finance in Japan

Gene Park
Stanford University Press , 2011

Governments confront difficult political choices when they must determine how to balance their spending. But what would happen if a government found a means of spending without taxation? In this book, Gene Park demonstrates how the Japanese government established and mobilized an enormous off-budget spending system, the Fiscal Investment Loan Program (FILP), which drew on postal savings, public pensions, and other funds to pay for its priorities and reduce demands on the budget.

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Journal Article

Ten Years of Korean Studies at Stanford

Shorenstein APARC , 2011

To mark the tenth anniversary of its founding, Stanford's Korean Studies Program published Ten Years of Korean Studies at Stanford, a comprehensive overview of its globally recognized research, publishing, and programmatic activities; information about the wide range of leading scholars, government officials, and professionals involved with this ever-growing, vibrant program; and details about the significant Korea-related academic and library offerings that the program helps to support at Stanford University.

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Journal Article

Factions in a Bureaucratic Setting: The Origins of Cultural Revolution Conflict in Nanjing

Dong Guoqiang, Andrew Walder
The China Journal , 2011

Mass factions in China during the first two years of the Cultural Revolution have long been understood as interest groups: collections of individuals who shared interests due to common occupations, statuses, or party affiliations. An alternative view, developed primarily with evidence about the distinctive case of Beijing students, emphasizes not the characteristics of participants but histories of political encounters in collapsing bureaucratic hierarchies.

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Working Paper

Private Health Insurance in South Korea: An International Comparison

Jaeun Shin
Asia Health Policy Program working paper #22 , 2011


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Transitions from State Socialism: A Property Rights Perspective

Andrew G. Walder, Mark Granovetter, Richard Swedberg
Westview Press , 2011

Numerous countries have transitioned away from state socialism since the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union and its satellite states two decades ago. At the core of this phenomenon, suggests Andrew G. Walder, is “a radical change in the definition, enforcement, and allocation of various rights over property.” In the chapter “Transitions from State Socialism: A Property Rights Perspective” (The Sociology of Economic Life, 2011), Walder examines property rights changes within the context of the transition from state socialism in Hungary, China, and Vietnam.

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