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Korea Program

Promoting multidisciplinary, social science-oriented research on policy-relevant Korean affairs

Who We Are

The Korea Program at Stanford’s Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center is a West Coast hub of scholarship on contemporary Korea and the issues shaping the future of the Korean Peninsula and U.S.-Korea relations. Our work examines these topics from regional and comparative perspectives through cultural, political, and economic lens. We train and support emerging Korea scholars and convene experts from academia, government, business, and civil society for dialogue, research, and publishing activities that inform policymakers in the United States and Korea and strengthen the bonds between the two countries.


In the Spotlight

A woman holding a balloon with Korean writing on it

A Perfect Storm: Victor Cha Talks COVID-19 Threat to North Korea, Nuclear Deadlock

A coronavirus outbreak in North Korea could be devastating as it would act on an extremely vulnerable population with already-compromised immune systems and outdated health care infrastructure.

Now Accepting Applications for 2020-21 Koret Fellowship in Korea Program

We invite mid-career professionals or scholars with expertise in Korean affairs to apply for Koret Fellowship. The application deadline for the 2020-21 academic year is March 1, 2020.

Japan and South Korea on the Brink: The Conflict between the Two U.S. Allies

A recent conference sheds light into the underlying reasons for the escalating tensions over diplomatic relations and trade issues between Japan and South Korea, and also examines the role of US.
(Right to left): Gi-Wook Shin, ROK Ambassador to the US Cho Yoon-je, and Siegfried S. Hecker seated at a conference room at Stanford

Our Research

Together with academics and stakeholders in government and civil society, we explore Korean issues and policy solutions through economic, social, political, and security lens.

Japan and South Korea on the Brink: Escalating Friction Amidst an Uncertain World

Japan and South Korea on the Brink: Escalating Friction Amidst an Uncertain World

Recently at the Korea Program

Watch experts in the international affairs of Japan, South Korea, and the United States discussing the escalating conflict between the two U.S. allies.

Hallym-Stanford Innovation Cnference Panel

Our Publications

We share our research findings through peer-reviewed journals, scholarly and trade presses, policy reports, and Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center’s publishing program.

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