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Bukchon Hanok Village with modern buildings in the background in Seoul, South Korea

Korea Program

Promoting multidisciplinary, social science-oriented research on policy-relevant Korean affairs

Who We Are

The Korea Program at Stanford’s Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center is a West Coast hub of scholarship on contemporary Korea and the issues shaping the future of the Korean Peninsula and U.S.-Korea relations. Our work examines these topics from regional and comparative perspectives through cultural, political, and economic lens. We train and support emerging Korea scholars and convene experts from academia, government, business, and civil society for dialogue, research, and publishing activities that inform policymakers in the United States and Korea and strengthen the bonds between the two countries.


In the Spotlight

Cover of the book 'Being in North Korea' by Andray Abrahamian on a blurred background of a road, a cropped scene from the cover image

New Book Provides Unique View into Life in North Korea

In 'Being in North Korea,' Andray Abrahamian paints a realistic picture of North Koreans as individuals and how their country is, and isn’t, changing.
President Moon Jae In of South Korea during his inauguration proceedings.

Democracy in South Korea is Crumbling from Within

South Korea is following global trends as it slides toward a “democratic depression," warns APARC's Gi-Wook Shin in the 'Journal of Democracy.'
Brightly colored ribbons tied to fences around Imjingak Village in the DMZ on the North Korean Border.

Koret Conference Spotlights North Korea's Human Rights Crisis

Amid escalating inter-Korean tension and increasing strain on North Koreans, it is imperative to keep international attention on the DRPK’s human rights problem.
(Right to left): Gi-Wook Shin, ROK Ambassador to the US Cho Yoon-je, and Siegfried S. Hecker seated at a conference room at Stanford

Our Research

Together with academics and stakeholders in government and civil society, we explore Korean issues and policy solutions through economic, social, political, and security lens.

Are We Back to Square One with North Korea?

Are We Back to Square One with North Korea?

Recently at the Korea Program

Watch Robert Carlin, Victor Cha, Siegfried Hecker, Oriana Skylar Mastro, and Gi-Wook Shin discuss where we are heading with North Korea amid the growing friction on the Korean Peninsula and the approaching U.S. presidential election.

Hallym-Stanford Innovation Cnference Panel

Our Publications

We share our research findings through peer-reviewed journals, scholarly and trade presses, policy reports, and Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center’s publishing program.

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