Oksenberg Conference

Jean Oi and Mike McFaul listening to David Lampton speak at Oksenberg Conference

Oksenberg Conference

Examining pressing issues affecting China and U.S. China policy

About the Oksenberg Conference

Michel OksenbergThe Oksenberg Conference, held annually, honors the legacy of Professor Michel Oksenberg (1938–2001). A Senior Fellow at Shorenstein APARC and the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Professor Oksenberg consistently urged the United States to engage with Asia in a more deliberate manner and served as a key member of the National Security Council when the United States normalized relations with China. In tribute, the Oksenberg Conference recognizes experts who have helped advance understanding between the United States and China and examines pressing issues affecting China, U.S.-China relations, and U.S. policy towards China.

In 2009, this event series shifted from its original lecture format to a conference format that gathers scholars and policymakers for a dialogue about the changing role China is playing in today's world.

All Events in the Series

2022  – Prospects for the New Sino-Russian Partnership
Speakers: Una Aleksandra Bērziņa-Čerenkova, Thomas Fingar, Alex Gabuev, Michael A. McFaul, Evan Medeiros
Summary article 

2021 – Kurt M. Campbell and Laura Rosenberger on U.S.-China Relations
Speakers: Kurt Campbell, Laura Rosenberger
Summary article and video

2019 – On the Brink: A New Cold War with China
Speakers: David M. Lampton, Michael McFaul, Secretary Condoleezza Rice
Summary article and audio

2018 – Zouping Revisited: Change and Continuity in a Chinese County
Speakers: Thomas Bernstein, Mary Brown Bullock, Thomas Gold, Douglas Grob, Steven Goldstein, Charlotte Lee, Jean Oi, Andrew G. Walder
Summary article

2017 – On U.S.-China Relations: Avoiding the Trap
Speakers: Max Baucus, Michael Armacost, Kathleen Stephens, Daniel R. Russel
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2016 – The End of an Era: Can the Consensus on Constructive Engagement with China be Sustained? Should It?
Speakers: James Steinberg, Thomas Fingar, Michael Armacost, Kathleen Stephens

2014 – U.S.-China Relations and the 'Rebalance' to Asia
Speakers: Michael Armacost, Karl Eikenberry, Thonas Fingar, Kenneth Lieberthal, CUI Liru

2013 – If China Could Re-make the Global Order, What Would it Look Like?
Speakers: Thomas Christensen, Thomas Fingar, Jia Qingguo

2012 – China's Military Modernization and National Security Strategy
Speaker: Karl Eikenberry

2011 – Constraints on China's Foreign Policy: Inside and Out
Speakers: Michael Armacost, Tai Ming Cheung, Thomas Christensen, Bruce Dickson, Scott Kastner, Ely Ratner, Stan Rosen, Terry Sicular

2010 – Friction Points: Colliding Interests in US-China Relations
Speakers: Michael Armacost, Jeffrey Bader, Coit Blacker, Thomas Fingar, Steven Goldstein, Thomas Heller, Robert Kapp, Nicholas Lardy, Alan Romberg, Gi-Wook Shin
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2009 – China's New Role in a Turbulent World
Speakers: Thomas Christensen, David Hale, Lyric Hughes Hale, John Lewis, Barry Naughton, Ambassador Stapleton Roy, Susan Shirk, Carl Walter

2008 – China's Power and What It Means for America
Speaker: David M. Lampton

2006 – U.S. - China Relations: Where Do We Stand? Where Are We Going?
Speaker: Brent Scowcroft

2005 – America and the New Asia
Speaker: Zbigniew Brzezinski

2003 – Issues and Ideas about Mike Oksenberg's Asia
Speaker: George P. Shultz

2002 – The United States and China: A President's Perspective
Speaker: The Honorable Jimmy Carter
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