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Taiwan Democracy


Henry S. Rowen
Principal Investigator

The Taiwan Democracy project and event series invites leading scholars and diplomats from the United States and Asia to discuss a variety of topics related to cross-strait relations and greater democracy in East Asia as a whole.

Most events are open to the public.

The project has also in the past funded two scholars from Taiwan to pursue their research at Shorenstein APARC.


Yun-han Chu - Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica
Larry Diamond - Hoover Institution
Thomas Gold - University of California, Berkeley
Ramon Myers - Hoover Institution


Speakers: Orville Schell , Larry Diamond , Ji-Jen Hwang , Karl Eikenberry
Speaker: Suisheng Zhao
Speakers: Yun-han Chu , Larry Diamond , Thomas Gold , Ramon Myers
Speaker: Richard C. Bush
Speaker: Chiu Tai-san