Socio-Political-Economic Consequences of COVID-19

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Socio-Political-Economic Consequences of COVID-19

SNU GSES & Stanford APARC COVID-19 Impact Study Group

COVID-19 Impact Assessment

An international research team examines the socio-political, environmental, and economic effects of the pandemic as well as its implications for the future of urbanism.

Research Focus

COVID-19 is affecting societies in unprecedented ways and people around the world are still grappling with the pandemic’s short-term consequences. Meanwhile, researchers are trying to gain insight into how COVID-19 might change societies in the long term.

The Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies and Stanford APARC (SNU GSES & Stanford APARC) COVID-19 Impact Study Group investigates the pandemic’s effects on people’s behavior and, ultimately, its socioeconomic consequences and its impacts for the future of urbanism. The group consists of economists and urban planners who examine how COVID-19 reshapes people’s mobility patterns and transportation use, the environment, and the economy. Their research focuses on South Korea, the United States, and comparatively across countries. 

The research team will publish its findings through traditional academic outlets, such as peer-reviewed academic journals and book chapters. It will also disseminate research factoids via opinion articles and social media. This webpage serves as the hub of the SNU GSES & Stanford APARC COVID-19 Impact Study Group.

Ongoing Projects

  • Impact of Covid-19 on employment and establishment
  • Going Cyber? Impact of Covid-19 on consumption
  • Impact of Covid-19 on mobile population and urban form in Seoul
  • Impact of Covid-19 on subway ridership and transportation modes

Research Team

Stanford Team Members

Yong Suk Lee, SK Center Fellow at FSI and Deputy Director of the Korea Program at APARC, Stanford University
Ye Ji Kee, PhD Candidate, Department of Economics, Stanford University
Emily Choi, Undergraduate student, Stanford University

SNU Team Members

Jae Seung Lee, Associate Professor, Seoul National University
Saehoon Kim, Associate Professor, Seoul National University
Jihyun Che, PhD Candidate, Seoul National University
Young Eun Kim, PhD Candidate, Seoul National University
Soyoung Yoon, Masters Student, Seoul National University

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