Photo of Haley Gordon

Haley Gordon

  • Research Associate, Korea Program

Shorenstein APARC
Stanford University
Encina Hall E301
Stanford, CA 94305-6055

650-498-9898 (voice)


Haley Gordon recently completed her Master of Arts at Stanford’s Center for East Asian Studies. She wrote a Master’s thesis on human rights in North Korea. Her research interests included historical memory in East Asia, Korean nationalism, and South Korean women’s issues and cinema. Haley received her bachelor’s degree in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University, with a minor in Humanistic Studies. In addition, she has studied the Korean language at Yonsei University and Ewha University in Seoul.

At the Korea Program, Haley supports projects on North Korean human rights, South Korean democracy, and discrimination in South Korea. She is also involved in the ongoing Talent Flows project.

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