Southeast Asia in Political Science: Terms of Enlistment


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Stanford University Press in "Southeast Asia in Political Science: Theory, Region, and Qualitative Analysis", page(s): 448

July 2008

Kuhonta etal newer

Co-published by the East-West Center, this book originated in a 2004 conference convened by the Southeast Asia Forum (SEAF) at Shorenstein APARC.

The book in which this chapter appears—Southeast Asia in Political Science: Theory, Region, and Qualitative Analysis (ed. Erik Martinez Kuhonta, Dan Slater, and Tuong Vu—argues that Southeast Asian political studies have made important contributions to theory building in comparative politics through a dialogue involving theory, area studies, and qualitative methodology.

The book provides a state-of-the-art review of key topics in the field, including: state structures, political regimes, political parties, contentious politics, civil society, ethnicity, religion, rural development, globalization, and political economy. The chapters allow readers to trace the development of the field of Southeast Asian politics and to address central debates in comparative politics. The book will serve as a valuable reference for undergraduate and graduate students, scholars of Southeast Asian politics, and comparativists engaged in theoretical debates at the heart of political science.


"The scholarship here is excellent. These people know their region and its literature cold. This collection demonstrates the potential of qualitative Southeast Asian area studies to contribute to the broader accumulation of knowledge in political science, including the development of disciplinary theory."
-Jack Snyder, Columbia University

"This collection consists of elegantly written, carefully crafted, intelligent, and interesting essays that will be of enormous value to scholars of the politics of Southeast Asia."
-John Sidel, London School of Economics

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