Software Production: Globalization and its Implications

South Asia's growth pattern, and India's growth in particular, has attracted global attention because of its success in service exports. The South Asian experience suggests that a service revolution—rapid growth and poverty reduction led by services—is now possible.

What is a service revolution? What has contributed to the globalization of services—technology, trade, and transport—the 3Ts? Do services have spatial characteristics that differ from goods? Are services as dynamic as manufacturing? Can services be a driver of sustained growth, job creation, and poverty reduction? Why have some countries succeeded and others failed in taking advantage of the globalization of services? What kind of policies and institutions do developing countries need to benefit from services-led growth? This volume answers these questions, with a fresh perspective on growth in India and other South Asian countries.

Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center senior research scholar Rafiq Dossani contributed the chapter "Software Production: Globalization and its Implications."