Getting Results in China: How China's Tech Executives Are Molding a New Generation of Leaders

This project report is based on extensive interviews with top leaders in China's high tech industries, such as semiconductor design, e-commerce, mobile value-added services and telecommunications. While previous reports on China's talent challenges have focused on root causes or have been prescriptive in nature, Getting Results in Chinaexplores what leaders of high tech companies are actually doing on the ground to address these challenges. The findings will provide a window of insight on:

  • How pioneering executive leaders in China have adapted multinational strategies to acheive results in their organizations;
  • What the leading companies in China are doing to come out ahead in the competition for leadership talent;
  • Which critical leadership skills are most needed and also hardest to find in the current Chinese high tech playing field.

Getting Results in China will be of interest to Chinese executives, leaders of multinational companies operating in China and investors in Chinese enterprises across all industry sectors who want to understand the talent approaches that are getting results in a challenging environment.