Trans-Altai Sustainability Dialogue Conference Proceedings

Opening remarks 
Zandanshatar,G Chairman of the State Great Hural of Mongolia 
Ban Ki-moon The 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations and Chairman of the Ban Ki-moon Foundation for a Better Future 
Kim Young-joo Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea 
Gi-Wook Shin Professor of Sociology, Director of the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, William J. Perry Professor of Contemporary Korea, Director of the Korean Studies Program, Senior Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University 

Policy Papers
Eun Mee Kim Empowering women through higher education: Women in STEM in the digital transformation era 
Bulgantuya,Kh Women’s Leadership and Sustainable Development 
Undraa, A. Sustainable Development and Gender Equality: Role of Organizations 
Odontuya, S. Gender Equality in the Labor Market
Dorjkhand, T. Gender Equality and Sustainable Development 
Elaine Conkievich Women’s Empowerment and Leadership 
Mark Koenig Gender Equality in the Labor Market

Academic Articles
Gender Studies 
Christine Min Wotipka Persistent Gaps: Global and National Perspectives on Gender and Higher Education
Begz, N. Issues of Human Development and Maturity in Sustainable Development 
Ankhbayar, B. Christine Min Wotipka, Risa Ninomiya, Jieun Song. Development of Gender Equality Evaluation Index in Higher Education Institutions
Maznah Mohamad Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights
Gulmira Kudaiberdieva Quality and Gender Inclusive Education in the Kyrgyz Republic 
Ariunaa,Kh Factors Influencing Career Choices
Enkhtogtokh,A., Sanjaabadam,S., Bayarmaa,B. Sustainable Development and Education for Sustainable Development Policy Alignment and Implementation Study (a Case Study of Mongolia)

International Trends for Altai Regional Research 
Enkhbat,A Further Development of “Altai Studies”
Aynur Ibrahimova The Gender Problem in the Context of the Epic “Koroglu” 70 
İlhan Şahin Studies on the Altai People in the Historical Process: Past, Present and Future 73 
Abdrasul İsakov Native Americas (Na-Dene) are a Part of the Altai Civilization 
Kürşat Yildirim An Evaluation of Studies on Mongolian History in Türkiye

Student Papers 
Tsolmon,G., Namuun,U., Yesui,B. Applications of Artificial Intelligence Tools to Mongolian Higher Education Sector
Enkhtsetseg,T. Can Partnership Help English Teachers to Improve the Quality of EFL Curriculum? 
Marlaa,B., Mandukhai,B., Dulguun,N. Research on Accessible Infrastructure for People with Disabilities: a Case Study of Mongolia
Misheel,A., Binderya,B., Temulun,S., Emujin,A., Erdenechuluun,B. Studying Water Usage Pattern for Residents in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Vilina Engheepi. Deconstructing Water Scarcity in Water-Rich Himalayan Region: A case study of Sikkim, India
Tuulsaikhan,A. Contribution of “Ulaanbaatar Railway” to the Sustainable Development of Mongolia Supplied Community Participation 
Tuvshintugs,A., Gunbileg,B. Article 6.2 of the Constitution of Mongolia is the Basis for the Efficient Use of Natural Resources and the Development of Its Sustainable Management
Udval,O., Temuge,G. Umyete “Impartiality” Mongolian Red Cross Rotary Club