Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Program

A chapter in Routledge Handbook of the International Relations of South Asia


Cover of the volume "Routledge Handbook of the International Relations of South Asia"
Edited By Šumit Ganguly and Frank O'Donnell, this handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the international relations of South Asia.

South Asia as a region is increasingly assuming greater significance in global politics for a host of compelling reasons. This volume offers a comprehensive collection of perspectives on the international politics of South Asia, covering an extensive range of issues spanning from inter-state wars to migration in the region. Each contribution provides a careful discussion of the four major theoretical approaches to the study of international politics: Realism, Constructivism, Liberalism, and Critical Theory. In turn, the chapters discuss the relevance of each approach to the issue area addressed in the book. Further, every effort has been made in the chapters to discuss the origins, evolution, and future direction of each issue.

This book will benefit students of South Asian politics, human security, regional security, and International Relations in general.