Intention to Pay for HPV Vaccination among Women of Childbearing Age in Vietnam

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Asia Health Policy Program working paper # 57

May 1, 2020

ahppwp cvr57 050120

The intention to pay for human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination among women of childbearing age in Vietnam, where cervical cancer remains a significant public health concern, has been mostly lacking. To examine this issue, we conducted a cross-sectional study of 807 pregnant women in an urban and a rural district (Dong Da and Ba Vi) of Hanoi, Vietnam. The vast percentage of our respondents expressed a firm intention to vaccinate, especially women in rural areas (over 90.0%). However, on being informed of the current price of the HPV vaccine, their intention to vaccinate dropped to about one-fifth of overall respondents, i.e., only 4.4% of women in rural areas. It was also observed that the initial intention to get the HPV vaccination among women in the rural district was
about ten times higher than that of women living in the metropolitan district. Those participants who had greater knowledge of cervical cancer andHPV vaccinations also had a significantly higher intention to vaccinate. Our findings underscore the need to develop a well-designed vaccination program in Vietnam and other countries in a similar situation to increase the adoption of HPV vaccination.

Keywords: HPV vaccination; cervical cancer; intention; women; Vietnam

Published: Intention to Pay for HPV Vaccination among Women of Childbearing Age in Vietnam

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