Deepening US-Taiwan Cooperation through Semiconductors

 The United States, Taiwan, China, and Global Semiconductor Security

Silicon Triangle

Taiwan is a close, trusted partner in the global semiconductor supply chain. The United States and Taiwan should seek to use the semiconductor industry to promote Taiwan’s prosperity and stability by creating an environment that fosters deeper business-to-business, research, academic, individual, and civil ties with Taiwan and other global partners in the semiconductor arena. This strategy includes the active promotion of Taiwan semiconductor firm activities, including manufacturing, design, and joint research and development (R&D) in the United States; income tax abatement for cross-border workers; two-way semiconductor internship programs and academic exchange; semiconductor supply chain information sharing and resiliency planning; and defense industry coproduction in Taiwan. With Taiwan’s particular strengths in semiconductors, and continued longterm US interests there, this is an attractive foundation for broader shared civil and business ties that helps to deepen US commitments to Taiwan’s democracy—and deters efforts to end it.