Kyou-Hyun Kim

Kyou-Hyun Kim

Visiting Adjunct Professor
2017-2018 Koret Fellow
616 Serra Street
Encina Hall E301
Stanford, CA


Kyou-hyun Kim joined the Korea Program at Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center as the program's 2017-18 Koret Fellow.

A career diplomat by training, Kyou-hyun Kim most recently served as senior secretary to the president for foreign affairs and national security in South Korea from October 2015 to May 2017. During his fellowship, Kim will review South Korea’s past administrations’ policies toward North Korea and aim to focus on a path leading to unification of two Koreas for permanent peace and stability in and around the Korean Peninsula.  He will also attempt to map out ways to narrow the physical, economic, societal and identity gaps between South and North Korea in order to help the South Korean public to tolerate and accept North Koreans as equal citizens in a unified Korea. His two main research questions will be (1) how to build the internal capability for socioeconomic transformation in North Korea, and (2) how to build domestic support for reunification in South Korea.

Kim received a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the School of Dentistry at Seoul National University, and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University.