Kenji E. Kushida

Portrait of Kenji Kushida

Kenji E. Kushida, MA, PhD

  • Research Scholar, Japan Program
Shorenstein APARC Stanford University Encina Hall Stanford, CA 94305-6055
(510) 224-4197 (voice)
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Kenji E. Kushida is a research scholar with the Japan Program at the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center.
Kushida’s research and projects are focused on the following streams : 1) how politics and regulations shape the development and diffusion of Information Technology such as AI; 2) institutional underpinnings of the Silicon Valley ecosystem, 2) Japan's transforming political economy, 3) Japan's startup ecosystem, 4) the role of foreign multinational firms in Japan, 4) Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster. He spearheaded the Silicon Valley - New Japan project that brought together large Japanese firms and the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

He has published several books and numerous articles in each of these streams, including “The Politics of Commoditization in Global ICT Industries,” “Japan’s Startup Ecosystem,” "How Politics and Market Dynamics Trapped Innovations in Japan’s Domestic 'Galapagos' Telecommunications Sector," “Cloud Computing: From Scarcity to Abundance,” and others. His latest business book in Japanese is “The Algorithmic Revolution’s Disruption: a Silicon Valley Vantage on IoT, Fintech, Cloud, and AI” (Asahi Shimbun Shuppan 2016).

Kushida has appeared in media including The New York Times, Washington Post, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Nikkei Business, Diamond Harvard Business Review, NHK, PBS NewsHour, and NPR. He is also a trustee of the Japan ICU Foundation, alumni of the Trilateral Commission David Rockefeller Fellows, and a member of the Mansfield Foundation Network for the Future. Kushida has written two general audience books in Japanese, entitled Biculturalism and the Japanese: Beyond English Linguistic Capabilities (Chuko Shinsho, 2006) and International Schools, an Introduction (Fusosha, 2008).

Kushida holds a PhD in political science from the University of California, Berkeley. His received his MA in East Asian Studies and BAs in economics and East Asian Studies with Honors, all from Stanford University.

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In The News

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Fukushima: Japan’s political leadership helped save country from worst-case disaster, Stanford researcher says

Kenji Kushida, the Takahashi Research Associate in Japanese Studies at FSI’s Shorenstein APARC, argues Japan’s political leadership under Prime Minister Naoto Kan and the Democratic Party of Japan was beneficial, giving direction at a critical time, and when the government lacked capacity and systems of emergency planning.
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Syncretism: The Politics of Economic Restructuring and System Reform in Japan

A new book from the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, coedited by Kenji E. Kushida, Kay Shimizu, and Jean C. Oi is now available.
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Containment of Fukushima Leaks Poses Massive Challenges

In an interview with PBS NewsHour on September 3, Kenji Kushida speaks about the Japanese government's latest efforts to contain the leaking of radioactive water from Fukushima and the possible political fallout for Japan's ruling party.