United States Institute of Peace Panel Discusses 'Ending Civil Wars'


Female Kurdish Soldier in Syria
Female Kurdish Soldier in Syria
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John Moore/Getty Images

On April 13, the United States Institute of Peace hosted a panel discussion titled “Ending Civil Wars: How Can We Succeed with Limited Opportunities?” The session was moderated by the director of the U.S.-Asia Security Initiative, Ambassador Karl Eikenberry.

USIP recently posted video and audio-only recordings of the 90-minute session for public view. Watch/Listen here >>

The session focused on insights from “Civil Wars, Violence, and International Responses”, a project co-directed by Ambassador Eikenberry and FSI Senior Fellow Stephen Krasner. Through the efforts of 36 U.S. and international project participants (8 of whom were affiliated with FSI), the American Academy of Arts and Sciences dedicated two issues of its quarterly journal Daedalus to their writings (see below).

Joining Ambassador Eikenberry and Professor Krasner on the dais were Nancy Lidborg (President of USIP), Dr. Stephen Biddle (Professor, Georgetown University), Barry Posen (Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Clear Lockhart (Director and Co-Founder of the Institute for State Effectiveness).

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