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U.S.-Vietnam Relations Today and Tomorrow

  • Ted Osius

Audio and transcript from the Southeast Asia Program and U.S.-Asia Security Initiative seminar, "U.S.-Vietnam Relations Today and Tomorrow," on Sept. 30, 2016 with Ted Osius, U.S. ambassador to Vietnam.

Relations between Vietnam and the United States were normalized in 1995. Yet many in Vietnam’s diaspora community, especially those most affected by the legacies of the war, oppose rapprochement and engagement. Overseas communities can play important and constructive roles in relations between their countries of origin and the rest of the world. Ambassador Osius will argue that a fully engaged Vietnamese-American community could and would contribute a lot toward growing the U.S. partnership with Vietnam, including helping to shape a beneficial future of greater trade, improved regional stability, and an expanded role for civil society. U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius delivers remarks on U.S.-Vietnam relations in the wake of President Obama’s May 2016 visit.