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North Korean Nuke, THAAD, and South Korean Debates

  • Chung-in Moon ,

Video and transcript from Shorenstein APARC's Korea Program seminar on March 3, 2017, titled "North Korean Nuke, THAAD, and South Korean Debates," with Chung-in Moon, the Krause Distinguished Fellow at U.C. San Diego and distinguished university professor at Yonsei University, moderated by Stephen Krasner.

The North Korean nuclear crisis is going from bad to worse and South Korea has disagreements over how to deal with it. Options for addressing the crisis range from sanctions to regime change, and from preemptive attacks to nuclear deterrence and defense, including Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). Discussion of the dialogue and negotiation option has been lacking. This talk provides a comprehensive look into the South Korean domestic debates on the North Korean nuclear quagmire, focusing on the preemptive attack, nuclear deterrence, THAAD and engagement options.