All Shorenstein APARC Multimedia

The Globalization of R&D

  • Per-Kristian (Kris) Halvorsen ,
  • Yoshio Nishi ,
  • John Seely Brown

American supremacy in research and development is being challenged as never before, especially by multinational companies in a number of Asian countries. The panelists will discuss the challenge by Asia.

About the Panelists:

Kris Halvorsen - Prior to joining HP in 2000, Halvorsen was the founding director of the Information Sciences and Technologies Lab at Xerox PARC. Under his direction, the lab became a leading center for research on the fundamental forces driving the evolution of the Web and the Internet. He is an inventor with over ten patents, and he has published widely in the areas of linguistics, natural language processing, knowledge management and information access.

Yoshio Nishi is director of research at the Center for Integrated Systems, director of Stanford Nanofabrication Facility, National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network and the principal investigator for the Initiative for Nanoscale Processes and Materials at Stanford. His current research areas include nanoscale devices and processes for CMOS and beyond CMOS such as ultra thin body quantum confided Ge field effect device.

John Seely Brown - prior to joining USC, he was the Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and the director of its Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) - a position he held for nearly two decades. While head of PARC, Brown expanded the role of corporate research to include such topics as organizational learning, complex adaptive systems, ethnographic studies of the workscape and both MEMS and NANO technologies. His personal research interests include the management of radical innovation, digital culture, ubiquitous computing and organizational and individual learning.