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The Challenge of Molding the Next Generation of High Tech Leadership in China

  • William F. Miller ,
  • Jack Q. Gao ,
  • Michael Zhao

From an unprecedented number of start-ups to a rising class of billion-dollar giants going global, high technology companies in China have a dramatically increasing need for effective leadership and will soon be facing a immense talent shortage. Even to seasoned executives, the current operating environment seems like a new frontier, due to extreme dynamism caused by rapid economic growth, state-to-private enterprise transition, emerging markets and other factors.

During the past year SPRIE and Heidrick & Struggles, a premier global executive search firm, have partnered to collect data and conduct in-depth interviews with executives in China's high tech firms. Research questions included: What principles and practices are executives using to lead their organizations effectively? How do these compare with practices in other regions? What talent strategies are executives using to promote the next generation of leaders?

As the product of this research goes public, SPRIE has invited two leading executives to give their own "view from the trenches" on the challenges of creating the next generation of high tech leaders in China.