Silicon Valley's Changing Role in the Global Economy

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
Philippines Conference Room
  • Russell Hancock,
  • Doug Henton

Five years after the dot-com collapse, what is Silicon Valley's competitive position in the global economy? Russell Hancock and Doug Henton will present overall findings from the 2006 Silicon Valley Index, a document which tracks economic and social trends on an annual basis.

Hancock and Henton will show that the region has experienced a turbulent five-year period of economic restructuring and occupational change, producing both unprecedented job losses and substantial wage gains. This striking juxtaposition -- of job loss against rising per capita income -- indicates a fundamental shift to higher-skilled occupations, suggesting that Silicon Valley has solidified its position as a global center for high-end creativity.

Russell Hancock is President & Chief Executive Officer of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network, an organization providing analysis and action on a host of regional problems. Doug Henton is founder and President of Collaborative Economics Inc., a consultancy providing analysis and advice to civic leaders.