Is the Korean Economy Recovering from the 1997 Currency Crisis?


Kyung Shik Lee, Visiting Scholar, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

Date and Time

May 13, 1999 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Open to the public.

No RSVP required


A/PARC Hills Conference Room, Encina Hall, East Wing, Second floor

Before becoming the Governor of the Bank of Korea in 1995, Mr. Lee was Advisor for the Korea-Foreign Trade Association (1994) and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economic Planning Board (1993). He was also President of the Korea Gas Corporation (1991) and of Daewoo Motors Co. Ltd. (1988). In 1981, he was a Visiting Professor at the University of Minnesota after having been the President of the Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation.

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