Globalization of Services: the First Annual Conference

Friday, June 17, 2005
12:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Bechtel Conference Center

The offshoring of service provision is rapidly becoming the next stage in globalization. As in any new emerging trend, there are new business and investment opportunities emerging. However, remarkably little is known about the scope of the phenomenon and what is happening in the leading corporations and the new business models entrepreneurs are introducing.

On June 17, 2005, Stanford University's Asia-Pacific Research Center is organizing a one-day seminar partially sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and others on the globalization of services. The presentations will be made by international and U.S. industry leaders and entrepreneurs describing their offshore service activities and leading academic researchers studying offshoring.

The conference will (1) Compare outsourcing locally and globally, examining differences that arise from differences in skills, institutions, regulations, technologies, process and coordination requirements, (2) Take a global view of the value-chain, examining the quantity and quality of skills in service delivery, migration and process management, verticals, and the impact on ownership structures and complexity of work done. (3) Examine the roles of cross-border participants: venture capital, product developers, etc..

Speakers will include representatives of established outsourcers from India, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines and the U.S., established multinationals that offshore work to their own subsidiaries, startups and niche firms that do cross-border work, providers of the supporting infrastructure banks, venture capitalists, law firms, etc. Academicians from Oxford University, Stanford University, the University of California and other academic bodies will also participate.

Case studies and academic papers on outsourcing/offshoring to be presented at the conference:

  1. Trade Finance (DSL)
  2. UK HR industry (Oxford University)
  3. Software and chip design (Tensilica)
  4. Software application services (TCS)
  5. Back-office finance & accounts (Agilent)
  6. Call Center/Multiple Services Firms (TRG, PLDT, I-OneSource, IT United)
  7. HR development for US firms undertaking Indian operations (Globalex)
  8. Legal aspects of establishing Indian operations (Thakker and Thakker)
  9. Network management (GTL)
  10. Enterprise software as a service (Ketera)
  11. HR and value-addition (Stanford University/UC Davis)
  12. Applying process and technology for value-addition (Gecis)
  13. Managing inhouse work (IBM Daksh)
  14. Transitioning outsourcing from the US to India (e4e)