APARC Visiting Scholars Program

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Visiting Scholars Program

Do research at Shorensten APARC

About APARC’s Visiting Scholars Program 

Shorenstein APARC welcomes qualified individuals who wish to dedicate time to research and writing relevant to the Center’s long-term interests. Visiting scholars contribute to our diverse intellectual community while benefiting from a collaborative work environment, interaction with our faculty and researchers, and the opportunity to create a network conducive to their research and professional development. 

Selection Criteria

The program is open to senior scholars and practitioners with a PhD or a substantial record of professional achievement and a well-developed research or writing agenda. Visiting scholars are selected on the basis of experience, prior professional achievements, and the quality of their research proposals. All scholars must be visiting from and affiliated with an outside institution or organization, and be proficient in the English language. They must also have or will be paired with a Shorenstein APARC faculty sponsor, who will be in residence at the time of the scholar’s visit and who is interested in the scholar’s proposed research plan.


The maximum duration of an appointment is one year. Reappointment requests must follow the same procedure stated below.

Financial Requirements

Visiting scholars must have a source of financial support from outside Stanford University. Visiting scholars are not employees of the University, and are not entitled to Stanford compensation and benefits. Visiting scholars are not University employees and the title may not be used for personnel or payroll purposes.
Visiting scholars who are affiliated with non-academic institutions are charged a fee of $10,000.
Visiting scholars who require a J-1 Visa must meet the funding requirements for J-1 Visiting Scholars.


Visiting scholars are eligible to access Stanford research facilities, may audit University lecture courses without fee (subject to permission of the instructor), and may participate in Shorenstein APARC events as well as events held at the Freeman Spogli Institute and elsewhere on campus.

How to Apply

Candidates interested in becoming visiting scholars at Shorenstein APARC must first submit the following documents in English: a formal letter of request containing a detailed proposal of the work they wish to carry out at the Center, specifying the duration of the planned stay and their means of funding; a formal and complete academic CV, including a list of publications; full legal name, email address, and desired start month/year must be included on the top of each required document.
Email your application materials to Kristen Lee, Executive Assistant to Shorenstein APARC’s Director.
These documents will be reviewed by Shorenstein APARC's faculty committee. This body will also decide the specific terms on which the candidate may affiliate with the Center. Upon the faculty committee’s approval, the candidate will receive a formal offer letter stating the terms of appointment. Pending the individual’s acceptance, further arrangements will be conveyed.

Application Deadlines

In principle, applications for visiting scholar status will be considered twice during each academic year. The regular deadline for receiving the documents is March 1 for Fall quarter admission, and, in exceptional cases, September 1 for Winter quarter admission.


Contact Kristen Lee via email or phone: (650) 723-2408.