Why India Matters

Audio and transcript from the event "Why India Matters" a speech delivered by U.S. Ambassador to India Richard Verma.

The United States faces a formidable set of international challenges, from emboldened terrorist organizations, weakening democratic norms, and continued uncertainty within the global financial system. However, there is some light coming out of South Asia.  The deepening ties between the United States and India can have a profound and positive impact on global security and prosperity. The relationship is developing in the context of a growing global debate on the ability of constitutional democracies to address 21st century security and development challenges—maritime security, territorial disputes, economic inclusivity, and climate change. And it is developing in the context of an Indian debate about whether and how India will assume its natural place as a leading power in the world. A successful U.S.-India strategic partnership can deliver a decisive response to these questions. If two countries with very different economic, cultural, and geographic situations can achieve a level of strategic collaboration that safeguards prosperity, peace, and stability both within and beyond their own borders, it will demonstrate that principles of participatory governance remain relevant and vital to the global good.