North Korea: 2007 and Beyond



Bruce Klinger, Eurasia Group
Wonhyuk Lim, The World Bank
Daniel C. Sneider, Stanford University
Robert Carlin, Stanford University
Gi-Wook Shin, Stanford University
Scott Snyder, The Asia Foundation
Philip Yun, The Asia Foundation

Date and Time

September 14, 2006 12:00 AM - 12:15 PM


Open to the public.

No RSVP required


Westin Grand Hotel Washington Room, Lower Level 2350 M Street, NW Washington, D.C.

For over a decade, policymakers in Washington and other capitals have predicted the imminent collapse of North Korea's political, economic, and social systems. In the last 15 years, however, the regime has survived the loss of its patron states, the death of founding leader Kim Il Sung, massive agricultural failure, and a nuclear weapons dispute with the U.S.

In this public seminar hosted by Stanford University's Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center and Brookings' Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies (CNAPS), leading experts on North Korea will discuss the most recent developments in its grand strategy, economic, politics, and foreign relations.


This seminar is based on the book North Korea: 2005 and Beyond, edited by Philip Yun and Gi-Wook Shin and published in January 2006 by Shorenstein APARC and the Brookings Institution Press. Several speakers in this event contributed to the volume, copies of which will be available for purchase.


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Bruce Klinger
Wonhyuk Lim
Daniel C. Sneider
Robert Carlin
Gi-Wook Shin
Scott Snyder
Philip Yun

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