Journal of Korean Studies, volume 9


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Rowman & Littlefield, Vol. 9

Fall 2004

20774 small korean studies

Between 1979 and 1992, the JKS became a leading academic forum for the publication of innovative in-depth research on Korea. Now under the editorial guidance of Gi-Wook Shin and John Duncan, this journal continues to be dedicated to quality articles, in all disciplines, on a broad range of topics concerning Korea, both historical and contemporary.

This edition's contents:


  1. Literary Production, Circulating Libraries and Private Publishing: The Popular Reception of Vernacular Fiction Texts in the Late Chosun Dynasty - Michael Kim
  2. The Uses and Abuses of Wonhyo and the "Tong Pulkyo" Narrative - Eunsu Cho
  3. National History and Domestic Spaces: Secret Lives of Girls and Women in 1950s South Korea in O Chong-hui's "The Garden of Childhood"and "The Chinese Street" - Jin-Kyung Lee
  4. Disturbing Images: Rebellion, Usurpation, and Rulership in Early Sixteenth Century East Asia-Korean Writings on Emperor Wuzong - David M. Robinson
  5. Sugi's Collation Notes to the Koryo Buddhist Canon and Their Significance for Buddhist Textual Criticism - Robert E. Buswell, Jr.

Book Reviews

  1. The Melodrama of Mobility: Women, Talk, and Class in Contemporary South Korea by Nancy Abelmann. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2003. xviii, 325 pp. $27.00 (paper). Reviewed by Michael E. Robinson
  2. The North Korean Revolution, 1945-1950 by Charles K. Armstrong. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2003. xv, 265 pp. $39.95 (Cloth). Reviewed by Frank Hoffmann
  3. Kwangju Diary: Beyond Death, Beyond the Darkness of the Age by Jae-eui Lee. Trans. by Kap Su Seol and Nick Mamatas. Los Angeles: UCLA Asian Pacific Monograph Series, 1999. 172 pp.
  4. Laying Claim to the Memory of May: A Look Back at the 1980 Kwangju Uprising by Linda S. Lewis. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2002. xxi, 189 pp.
  5. Contentious Kwangju: The May 18 Uprising in Korea's Past and Present edited by Gi-Wook Shin and Kyung Moon Hwang. Boulder: Rowman & Littlefield, 2003. xxxi, 159 pp. Reviewed by Hong Kal
  6. Hanguk hyondae minjok undong yongu-haebang hu minjok kukka konssol undong kwa tongil chonson by So Chung-sok, Seoul: Yoksa pipyongsa, 1991. 678 pp. Illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. Won 14,000. Reviewed by Kyung Moon Hwang


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