13th Korea-U.S. West Coast Strategic Forum

Seoul, Korea

In this thirteenth session of the Strategic Forum, former senior American and South Korean government officials and other leading experts will discuss current developments in the Korean Peninsula and North Korea policy, the future of the U.S.-South Korean alliance, and a strategic vision for Northeast Asia. The session is hosted by the Korea Program in association with Korea National Diplomatic Academy, a top South Korean think tank.


United States:

Michael Armacost, Distinguished Fellow, Shorenstein APARC, Stanford University

Karl Eikenberry, Distinguished Fellow, Shorenstein APARC

Siegfried Hecker, Professor, Management Science and Engineering; former co-director, CISAC, Stanford University

Thomas Fingar, Distinghished Fellow, Shorenstein APARC

Yong S. Lee, SK Center Fellow, Shorenstein APARC

T.J. Pempel, Professor, Political Science, University of California, Berkeley

Gi-Wook Shin, Professor, Sociology; Director, Shorenstein APARC, Stanford University

Daniel Sneinder, Associate Director for Research, Shorenstein APARC

David Straub, Associate Director of Korea Program, Shorentein APARC