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Karen Eggleston and peer researchers visiting with colleagues in China..


We conduct comparative, collaborative, multidisciplinary research to improve healthcare and the overall quality of life across the Asia-Pacific region.

Current Research Projects

Karen Eggleston speaking to staff at Zhejiang Provincial CDC, China

Addressing Health Disparities in China

Using machine learning techniques and extensive medical claim and local population health data, a collaborative research project examines Tongxiang county in Zhejiang province as a case study instructive for China’s responses to inequalities in healthcare spending and health outcomes among rural and urban populations.
An attendant uses a tablet computer on a SoftBank Group Corp.'s Pepper humanoid robot at the Robodex Trade Show, Tokyo, Japan, 2017

The Impact of Robots on Nursing Home Care in Japan

In one of the first research projects globally to examine the impact of robotics in the service sector, this research project examines how robots affect labor and productivity in Japan’s nursing homes. Japan’s case sheds light on the social and economic implications of robotic technologies adoption for addressing demographic change.
A group of Chinese elderly men sitting outdoors, playing a board game.

Innovation for Healthy Aging

The imperative to address the many needs of aging individuals and societies is a defining issue of our time. AHPP is leading a collaborative research project that analyzes new approaches to developing solutions for healthy aging in the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on the role of the government and private sectors
Asia Health Policy Program Director Karen Eggleston visiting Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China.

Net Value in Diabetes Management

To promote understanding of the economics of caring for patients with chronic diseases across diverse health systems, this AHPP-led collaborative research project gathers teams of clinicians and health economists in over ten countries and regions to compare the health care use and patient outcomes for adults with type 2 diabetes.
2018-19 postdoctoral scholars Ketian Zhang and Sarita Panday in conversation at the Encina Hall entranceway.

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We offer multiple fellowship and training opportunities for students and scholars.

Hirotaka Unami presenting at an AHPP conference at Stanford

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We share our research findings through peer-reviewed journals, scholarly and trade presses, and a working paper series.

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