Shorenstein APARC recognizes the legacy of Toshihiko Hayashi


The Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (APARC) recognizes the legacy of Toshihiko Hayashi, a friend of the Center and professor of economics at the University of Air, who died on April 28, 2017.

Hayashi was the chairman of the Stanford Japan Center, a research center located in Kyoto which sought to contribute to the development of the Asia-Pacific region through policy-oriented research and collaboration between Stanford and Japanese universities.

During his role as chairman, Hayashi was part of the Stanford Kyoto Trans-Asian Dialogue, a multi-day conference organized by Shorenstein APARC that convened annually from 2009-13. The Dialogue, which gathered experts from many countries and with a wide range of backgrounds, aimed to build a strong network of people working on issues of mutual concern to Asia-Pacific countries and the United States.

Japan Program Research Scholar Kenji E. Kushida, who worked with Hayashi to coordinate the Dialogue, described him as “a great mentor,” and as someone who inspired his own research on Japan’s information technology, political economy and disaster recovery.

“Professor Hayashi was an accomplished academic and always warm,” Kushida said. “He articulated questions that cut to the core of any issue, and followed them with careful, measured answers. He enhanced the lives of everyone around him and will be dearly missed.”

Photo: Courtesy of the profile of Toshihiko Hayashi