Japan's Energy Challenge


Hideichi Okada, 2013-14 Sasakawa Peace Fellow, gave a talk on "Japan's Energy Challenge" on October 8, 2013.
Photo credit: 
Meiko Kotani

Japan Program at Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center received a grant from Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Japan for the New Channels project.  Hideichi Okada, Senior Advisor at NTT Data Institute of Management and Consulting has joined the Japan Studies Program at APARC as the 2013-14 Sasakawa Peace Fellow to play a leading role in organizing the annual New Channels Dialogue.

On October 8th, Hideichi Okada spoke on “Japan’s Energy Challenge” at a Shorenstein APARC seminar in the Philippines Conference Room at Encina Hall.  As the world watches with great interest on how Japan will overcome its energy challenges, Okada highlighted the importance of formulating a new energy policy and reducing the cost of renewable and imported hydrocarbon.  He also pointed out the challenges of decommissioning damaged nuclear power plants and cleaning contaminated soil and water, which would require a new technology as well as an international cooperation.  The talk was followed by active discussion with the participants.