Radhika Jain

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Portrait of Radhika Jain

Radhika Jain, Ph.D.

  • Asia Health Policy Postdoctoral Fellow, 2019-2022
Shorenstein APARC
Stanford University
Encina Hall E301
Stanford, CA 94305-6055


Radhika Jain was the Asia Health Policy Postdoctoral Fellow for 2019-2022 at the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (Shorenstein APARC).  Her research focuses on health care markets, the effectiveness of public health policy, and gender disparities in health.

She completed her doctorate in the Department of Global Health at Harvard University in 2019.  Her dissertation examined the extent to which government subsidies for health care under insurance are captured by private hospitals instead of being passed through to patients, and whether accountability measures can help patients claim their entitlements. Dr. Jain's research has been supported by grants from the Weiss Family Fund and the Jameel Poverty Action Lab (JPAL). She has worked on impact evaluations of health programs in India and on the implementation of HIV programs across several countries in sub-Saharan Africa. She also held a doctoral fellowship at the Center for Global Development.

At Shorenstein APARC, Radhika began new work on understanding the factors that contribute to poor female health outcomes and interventions to increase the effectiveness of public health insurance.