Kristian Kender

Kristian Kender

  • Associate Director, China Program
  • Associate Director, SCPKU

Shorenstein APARC
Stanford University
Encina Hall E337
Stanford, CA 94305-6055

508-333-5934 (voice)


Kristian has been involved in the Chinese media industry since 1996, when he started his career at Claydon Gescher Associates, a China media-focused law firm and consultancy.

As a founder and managing director of China Media Management Inc, Kristian holds decades of experience building partnerships for international media companies in China and 20 years of bringing Chinese media companies to global film and TV markets in Cannes, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Austin, TX. He is proficient in Mandarin and has lived in China for more than 25 years, mostly in Beijing.

He is a graduate of both The Ohio State University and the Beijing Languages Institute and was a 2020 Stanford DCI Fellow.