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APARC Names 2020-21 Postdoctoral Fellows

February 2020

APARC is pleased to announce that two young scholars, Jeffrey Weng and Nhu Truong, have been selected as our 2020-21 Shorenstein postdoctoral fellows on contemporary Asia. They will begin their...

Connecting Southeast Asia and Stanford University

May 2013

Since its founding in 1999, SEAF has "brought Southeast Asia to Stanford, and Stanford to Southeast Asia" -- and it hopes to continue that mission in the years to come.

Asia "pivot" emphasizes security over economy, says Stanford's Emmerson

May 2012

The term "pivot" has fallen out of favor in Washington, but the Obama administration's heightened interest in Asia is real and ongoing, says Donald Emmerson, director of Stanford's Southeast Asia...

Podcast: Brinkley's "Cambodia Today"

March 2012

An audio podcast of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Joel Brinkley's Jan. 17 talk about Cambodia's history and current political, economic, and social conditions is now available on the SEAF website.

Indonesian campaign poster symbolism and political identity

February 2012

Riding around on the back of a motorcycle in 2009, Jeremy Menchik snapped photos of hundreds of Indonesian campaign posters.

The "Chinese diaspora" and Southeast Asia

May 2011

People began emigrating in significant numbers from China beginning in the middle of the nineteenth century, and many settled down in Southeast Asia.

Republic of Indonesia Ambassador Djalal addresses the future

November 2010

In 1998, in the twilight of the 20th century, the resignation of Indonesia's autocratic president Suharto ushered in a new political era.

Donald K. Emmerson discusses possible reasons for Indonesia’s resistance to disaster relief aid

October 2010

In the span of one day, two major disasters—a tsunami and an earthquake—struck Indonesia, leaving hundreds of people dead or missing.

Where Did They Go and What Have They Been Up To? John Ciorciari

October 2009

John D. Ciorciari was a Shorenstein Fellow at APARC in 2007-08 and an affiliate of APARC and SEAF in 2008-09 while a National Fellow at the Hoover Institution.

At the Eye of the Storm - Mourning and Hope

March 2005

Tsunami could give Aceh, Indonesia's war-torn province, the opportunity it needs, according to APARC's Donald K. Emmerson.

Tsunami aftermath and its humanitarian challenge

January 2005

APARC's Donald K. Emmerson comments on the Southeast Asian earthquake and tsunami disaster on Public Radio International's "To the Point."