Scholarly Publications

What Do the Blind-sided See? Reapproaching Regionalism in Southeast Asia

March 2005

The late Michael Leifer's association with an insecurity-focused realist approach to international affairs and his work on Southeast Asian regionalism inspire this question: How have the Asian...

One Nation Under God? History, Faith, and Identity in Indonesia

December 2005

This comparative exploration looks at religion and politics in the social dynamics of Southeast Asia's two most populous nations.

Security, Community, and Democracy in Southeast Asia: Analyzing ASEAN

August 2005

Is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) a pluralistic security community (PSC)? Does community cause security in Southeast Asia? In a PSC, member states are sovereign.


Indonesian election: Feuding villages give the ballot a try

July 2004

Donald K. Emmerson considers the impact of Indonesia's recent election on two remote--and formerly war-torn--villages in the country's northern Malaku archipelago.

APARC's Don Emmerson urges Muslim understanding in America

July 2005

In the post-9/11 world there is an urgent need for Americans to understand the Muslim world, and vice versa.

At the Eye of the Storm - Mourning and Hope

March 2005

Tsunami could give Aceh, Indonesia's war-torn province, the opportunity it needs, according to APARC's Donald K. Emmerson.


Cambodia Shadowed by its Past

May 21, 2001

Nearly a quarter-century has elapsed since the Khmer Rouge held power in Cambodia (1975-78).

Why Governance Matters: Preventing Deadly Conflict in Indonesia and Burma

February 27, 2002

Indonesia has seen no respite from its turbulent politics, faltering economy, and simmering conflicts since mass pressure forced President Soeharto from office in 1998 after decades of...

Race, Religion, and the Politics of Education in Malaysia: What Price Affirmative Action?

April 28, 2003

Educational achievement in Malaysia is racially skewed across its three main cultural groups: The Malay-Muslim majority lags behind the country's Chinese and Indian minorities.