Information Technology


Shorenstein Journalism Award Winner Maria Ressa Describes Philippine Broken Information Ecosystem, Democratic Recession

October 2019

“This is an existential moment for global power structures, turned upside down by technology.

Debating Artificial Intelligence: The Fox Versus the Hedgehog

July 2019

Singapore has been described as “a thriving hub for artificial intelligence.” In May 2019, Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) released the first edition of “A Proposed Model AI...

Radical vs. moderate Islam -- in Indonesia, a war rages

December 2003

Indonesia needs to build a modern society.


Kuala Lumpur is not Kabul: Militants and Tolerance in the Asian Core of the Muslim World

November 12, 2001

Physically aligned as they are toward Mecca, the daily prayers and lifetime pilgrimages of Muslims around the world--hundreds of millions of spokes of religious practice--surround and sustain the...

The Emerging Internet Economy in Southeast Asia: Something New or More of the Same?

April 9, 2001

In Southeast Asia, partial recovery from financial crisis has been accompanied by signs of the start of a local version of America's internet business boom.