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Genetically modified rice, yields, and pesticides: Assessing farm-level productivity effects in China

December 2008

Journal of Korean Studies, volume 12

October 2007

Between 1979 and 1992, the Journal of Korean Studies became a leading academic forum for the publication of innovative in-depth research on Korea.

Project Timeline: Program for the Study of Biofuels, Poverty and Food Security

February 2007

A concept note about setting up an international program for studying the effects of the emergence of biofuels on global poverty and food security.  The recent global expansion of biofuels...

Water User Associations and the Evolution and Determinants of Management Reform: A Representative Look at Northern China

February 2007

In this paper we are pursuing the following objectives: document the existing water management institutional forms throughout China, their evolution over time and across provinces; describe the...

Why Did the Communist Party Reform in China, But Not in the Soviet Union? The Political Economy of Agricultural Transition

January 2007

The dramatic transition from Communism to market economies across Asia and Europe started in the Chinese countryside in the 1970s.

The Role of Agriculture in China's Development: Past Failures, Present Successes and Future Challenges

January 2007

In a book assessing the development of China during the People's Republic era, it is of interest to know how well agriculture has performed and the role that it has played in the development...

Is Feminization of Agriculture Occurring in China? Debunking the Myth and Measuring the Consequence of Women's Participation in Agriculture

December 2006

The goals of this paper are to help build a clear picture of the role of women in China's agriculture, to assess whether or not agricultural feminization has been occurring, and if so, to measure...

Producing and Procuring Horticultural Crops with Chinese Characteristics: A Case Study in the Greater Beijing Area

October 2006

The supermarket revolution has arrived in China and is spreading as fast as or faster than anywhere in the world.

Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in China

October 2006

The purpose of this paper is to present estimations of indicators of direct and indirect interventions of China's government in agriculture.

The Development, Challenges and Management of Ground Water in Rural China

September 2006

The history of groundwater in China is one of extremes, or apparent extremes.

Rising Demand, Trade Prospects, and the Rise of China's Horticultural Industry,

June 2006

The main question that we examine in this chapter is whether policy makers, farmers, and traders in China have met and will be able to meet the growing demand for high-valued fruits and vegetables....

Chinese Agricultural Transition: Trade, Social and Environmental Impact

March 2006

The project studies the impact of China's current economic transition on its agricultural economy with special reference to the consequences of trade liberalization and of changing trade flows.

Markets, Specialization and China's Smallholder Agriculture

April 2004

As seen in the previous sections, China's reformers, more than anything, have followed a strategy based on providing incentives through property rights reforms, even though in China the shift to...

Power Sector Reforms in India: Issues Relating to Agriculture

March 2004

Excerpt: Q (T L Sankar): Why do utilities charge different rates to different consumers?

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Urban Dynamics in Chengdu, 1975-2002

October 2003

Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, has undergone rapid transformation during China's post-reform period between 1978 and 2003.

To the Brink of Peace: New Challenges in Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation and Integration

December 2001

Relations between North and South Korea have been one of the most important and vexing topics in Asia for over fifty years.

What Will Make Chinese Agriculture More Productive?

April 2000

The international community has long recognized China's effort to produce enough food to feed its growing population.

Chinese Agriculture: Modernization but at What Costs

December 1994