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Farmers' Protest in India

May 5, 2021

Abstracts Navyug Gill: Despite government repression and a resurgent pandemic, the farmer and laborer struggle in India remains a potent force of transformative politics.

Why Do Parents Abort Girls? Patrilocality and Its Historical Origin

January 15, 2014

Co-sponsored by the Stanford Center for International Development Recent scholarship has documented an alarming increase in the sex ratio at birth in parts of East Asia, South Asia and the Caucuses...

China and Africa: Are there Lessons for Development?

April 17, 2013

The lost decades for China in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s look remarkably like the lost decades of Africa in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Flying Geese Paradigm Version 2.0: The Interactions of Demographic, Economic, and Institutional Dynamics in China, Japan, and Korea

February 9, 2011

Analyzing official economic and demographic data of China, Japan, and Korea, Aoki identifies the four phases of economic development that these economies have been passing through and are expected...

South Korea and the Global Economy in Transition

March 18, 2010

In only two generations, South Korea has transformed from an economic "basket case" into one of the world’s leading economies and trading states.

Green Growth Policy in Korea: Its Leading Role in Addressing Climate Change

February 19, 2010

Since President Lee Myung-bak introduced the "Green Growth" policy in 2008, Korea has actively advocated it in every aspect of the society as a new engine of growth.

Safety Nets in Shocking Times: Lessons from Indonesia's Cash Transfer Program

January 25, 2010

In 2005 the Indonesian government announced a program of unconditional cash transfers to its poor and near-poor citizens to help them overcome the adverse effects of fuel price hikes caused by a...

The Need for Sectoral Reform of the South Korean Economy

November 20, 2009

Although South Korea is recovering relatively quickly from the worldwide recession in the wake of the U.S.

The Global Economic Crisis, One Year Later: The United States And China

October 8, 2009

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Enhancing South Korea's Security: The U.S. Alliance and Beyond

March 19, 2009

Two decades ago, South Korea appeared on the path to greatly increased security. The Cold War was ending, fundamentally improving South Korea’s regional security environment.

Japan-China Relations in 2008: "Cautiously Friendly"

March 6, 2008

In April China's President Hu Jintao will visit Japan, only the second ever visit by a Chinese head of state to Japan.

Trade on Human Terms: Transforming Trade for Human Development in Asia and the Pacific

October 20, 2006

Against the backdrop of export-led growth of some economies -- most notably China and India -- human development issues in Asia tend to be overlooked.

Energy, CO2, and Climate Change: Challenges for China

February 24, 2006

Meeting the world's energy needs and at the same time reducing emissions of greenhouse gases is one of the grand challenges humans must face in this century.

The Chinese Labor Market in the Reform Era

February 10, 2006

Professor Park will address the changes that have occurred in the Chinese labor market over the past quarter century, focusing on the extent to which labor market reforms have successfully created...

Beyond Ideology and Toward Unity

December 2, 2005

Korea stands at a critical juncture, as it transitions from mid-level to advanced country status. Yet at this important time, Korea seems to have lost its sense of direction.

Food Security in North Korea: Designing Realistic Possibilities

April 21, 2005

Agricultural production in North Korea collapsed between 1990 and 1996, leaving the country dependent on massive international food assistance.

Asian Melodrama: Does China's Development Threaten Southeast Asia's?

January 28, 2005

China's rapid growth and increasingly close integration with world markets is transforming Northeast and Southeast Asian regional production and trade.

California's Trade and Investment with Asia: Present and Future

December 3, 2002

As Secretary of the Technology, Trade, and Commerce Agency, Lon Hatamiya advises the governor and the legislature on all matters related to international business, serving as the voice of...

Korean Nationalism and Transnational Sports

November 2, 2001

In recent years, Koreans playing in mass-mediated sports, such as Major League Baseball and the LPGA, have become important sites of transnational ethnic imagining for Koreans in the United States....

Hong Kong: Its Contribution to "One Country"

July 30, 2001

Ms. Christine Loh is a former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, and the Founder of Civic Exchange, a non-governmental organization.

New Challenges in Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation and Integration

October 9, 2000

In view of the recent summit between two Korean leaders, Shorenstein APARC believes that the prospect for inter-Korean economic cooperation has improved a great deal.