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In Seattle Talk, Former Ambassador to Afghanistan Explains Strategy to Combat Extremism in ‘Fragile States’

April 2019

Karl Eikenberry is a retired Army officer whose two tours of Afghanistan duty — and later service as ambassador to that nation — left him keenly aware of the limits of U.S.

Beijing Workshop Explores Options for Interventions in Civil Wars

November 2018

Shorenstein APARC’s U.S.-Asia Security Initiative (USASI), the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS), and the School for International Studies at Peking University recently co-hosted the...

FSI scholars visit US Pacific Command Headquarters

February 2016

Seventeen faculty members and researchers from Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies were hosted at U.S.

Anti-Poverty Program Reduces Violence in Civil Conflicts

February 2016

An anti-poverty aid program in the Philippines is not only helping the poor, but also decreasing political violence and insurgency.

Asia "pivot" emphasizes security over economy, says Stanford's Emmerson

May 2012

The term "pivot" has fallen out of favor in Washington, but the Obama administration's heightened interest in Asia is real and ongoing, says Donald Emmerson, director of Stanford's Southeast Asia...

Korean Ethnic Nationalism in an Era of Globalization

January 2010

At the 4th Social Science Workshop held at Yonsei University in Seoul, Gi-Wook Shin, director of Asia-Pacific Research Center, discussed how the politics of ethnic nationalism have played out in...

A Changing Asia: Threat or Opportunity?

April 2006

As the world's most dynamic and rapidly advancing region, the Asia-Pacific has commanded global attention.

Saving Face and How to Say Farewell

November 2005

Even in the absence of a sudden and dramatic shift on the battlefield toward a definitive victory, there may still be a slight opening, as narrow as the eye of a needle, for the United States to...

APARC's Don Emmerson urges Muslim understanding in America

July 2005

In the post-9/11 world there is an urgent need for Americans to understand the Muslim world, and vice versa.

Worsened by war: Two hard-hit areas beset by civil strife

January 2005

For the two regions hardest hit by the Asian tsunamis, international relief efforts are being complicated by more than the rising death tolls and physical devastation: They are also war zones....


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