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Engaging North Korea

Rapidly changing circumstances continue to shape relations on the Korean peninsula and in East Asia.

Global Talent and Innovation

A central focus of the research efforts at Shorenstein APARC is to analyze the bridges linking Asia and the United States.

Stanford Summer Juku on Political Economy

The main goal of the Japan Program Summer Juku on Political Economy is to attract young researchers who will go on to become leaders in the study of Japanese politics and Japanese economy in the...

Sino-Japanese Rivalry Seminar Series

The historic rivalry between China and Japan, the source of two wars since the late 19th century and the catalyst for the wider war in the Pacific, is once again a matter of growing concern to...

The Korea Colloquium on History and Culture

The lectures of the Korea Colloquium on History and Culture are sponsored by the Center for East Asian Studies, Korean Studies Program and the William J.

Koret Distinguished Lecture Series

The Koret Distinguished Lecture Series was established at the Korean Studies Program in 2013 with the generous support of the Koret Foundation.

Hana-Stanford Conference on Korea for U.S. Secondary School Teachers

Hana-Stanford Conference on Korea for U.S. Secondary Teachers was established at the Korean Studies Program in 2012 with the generous support of Hana Financial Group.

History and Territory in Northeast Asia: What Role for the United States?

Tensions over unresolved territorial issues and problems of wartime history in Northeast Asia are again on the rise.

Understanding Muslim Minorities in Asia - The Inter-relationship of Socio-economic Status, Identity, and Politics

The objective of this seminar series is to explain the forces and factors behind the persistent decline in the social, political, and economic status of many Muslim minorities in Asia—including in...

Political Change in Japan

The Japan Studies Program aims to be a hub for scholarship on political change in Japan.

Japan Program


Information Technology in Japan and Asia

Information technology (IT) is one of the transformative forces in the world today.

From Crisis to Opportunity: Japan's Post 3-11 Disaster Experience and Energy Reform

After Japan was hit with the triple disaster of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011, a variety of urgent policy and economic issues came to the fore....

Japan’s Transforming Political Economy and Finance

A sustained interest of the Japan Studies Program is to analyze Japan’s transforming political economy and finance.

Japan Colloquium Series

Presented by the Japan Program, the Japan Colloquium Series brings scholars, analysts, experts, observers, and participants in Japan’s transformation to give talks at the Walter H.

Asia Health Policy Program Working Paper Series

The Asia Health Policy Program (AHPP) working paper series promotes dissemination of high-quality social science research on health policy and demographic change in the Asia-Pacific region, drawing...

Comparative Policy Responses to Demographic Change in East Asia

Launched in January 2011, Comparative Policy Responses to Demographic Change in East Asia is a three-year research initiative at the Walter H.

Political Movements in an Authoritarian Hierarchy

This project investigates the sources of stability and conflict in authoritarian regimes, especially regimes that have a unitary national government, apply threats and repression to their own...

Telecommunications Regulation in India

This research will examine the regulation of "Next Generation Telecommunications Technologies" in India, covering wireless broadband, with a focus on quality of service and universal access.

The Silicon Valley Project

ADVISORY BOARDMissionThe Silicon Valley Project at Stanford Graduate School of Business focuses on the dynamics, transformation and sustainability of Silicon Valley.

Koret Workshop

The Koret Workshop is organized by the Korea Program to bring together an international panel of experts in Korean affairs. The Korea Program established the Koret Fellowship in 2008 with generous...

Korea-U.S. West Coast Strategic Forum

The Korea-U.S.

The American Role in Northeast Asian Reconciliation

Unresolved disputes over wartime aggression continue to plague relations between Japan and its neighbors, even as increasing economic and cultural interaction in Northeast Asia show no signs of...


Photo of Arzan Tarapore Arzan Tarapore Research Scholar at APARC
Photo of Sally Zhang Sally Zhang APARC Predoctoral Fellow, 2022-23
Photo of Kyuri Park Kyuri Park Postdoctoral Fellow, 2022-23
Photo of Jianan Yang Jianan Yang Asia Health Policy Postdoctoral Fellow, 2022-23
Photo of Aidan Milliff Aidan Milliff Shorenstein Postdoctoral Fellow on Contemporary Asia, 2022-23
Photo of Hideyuki Koshimoto Hideyuki Koshimoto Visiting Scholar at APARC
Photo of Jitukrushna Swain Jitukrushna Swain Visiting Scholar at APARC
Photo of Qingguo Jia Qingguo Jia Visiting Scholar at FSI and APARC, 2022-23, Payne Distinguished Fellow, 2022 Fall Quarter
Photo of Laura Stone Laura Stone Visiting Scholar at APARC, 2022-23, China Policy Fellow, 2022-23
default people 100x120 Yasumasa Yamamoto Visiting Scholar at APARC, 2022-23
Photo of Daisuke Saginoue Daisuke Saginoue Visiting Scholar at APARC
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