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Illustrating the Health Effects of Smoking Reduction

December 2019

Tobacco use is responsible for the death of approximately eight million people worldwide, estimates the World Health Organization, and countries are increasingly making tobacco control a priority....

Podcast: Matthew Kohrman on China’s Tobacco Industry

August 2018

Tune in to SupChina Sinica Podcast with Matthew Kohrman about his book Poisonous Pandas: Chinese Cigarette Manufacturing in Critical Historical Perspectives.Listen on the SupChina's website.

Stanford students craft ways to combat big tobacco

July 2015

For Matthew Kohrman and his students, the war against tobacco needs a new communications strategy.After all, he noted, three times as many cigarettes are currently manufactured and sold worldwide...

Stanford anthropologist assesses proposed smoking bans in China

December 2014

China’s State Council has put forth draft legislation that would ban smoking in public spaces, part of the government’s larger advocacy efforts to help curb tobacco use nationwide.

Exploring China's formidable cigarette industry

March 2012

How has the cigarette become so integrated into the fabric of everyday life across the People's Republic of China? To get to the heart of this question, a diverse group of experts met Mar.

As Stanford center opens in China, faculty showcase research

March 2012

Along with the speeches and ceremonies to mark the opening of the Stanford Center at Peking University, FSI scholars will show off their work examining China’s role in the world.

Kohrman's ground-breaking study of cigarette warning labels

August 2011

What influence might graphic warning labels have on cigarette sales? Matthew Kohrman is studying that question with experimental methods in Southwest China.

Give new smoking ban time, suggests China tobacco health expert Matthew Kohrman

May 2011

Tobacco is the single greatest cause of preventable death in the world today, including in China where cigarette smoking is a popular pastime.

NGO "Pioneers for Health" promoting tobacco control in Yunnan, PRC

December 2009

Two news articles report on the activities of "Pioneers for Health," a health policy non-governmental organization founded in China a year ago with help from AHPP faculty affiliate Matthew Kohrman.

Anti-smoking efforts in China: Matthew Kohrman interviewed by China Radio International

August 2009

AHPP faculty affiliate, Matthew Kohrman, was interviewed by China Radio International (CRI) on August 13th, 2009 about tobacco control in China.

Dr. Karen Eggleston to lead Shorenstein APARC's comparative healthcare in East asia program

March 2007

Dr. Karen Eggleston will join the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center as a center fellow on July 1, 2007. Dr. Eggleston will lead the center's program on comparative health care in East Asia.


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