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CANCELED: The Social and Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Asia and Beyond

February 25, 2020

 IMPORTANT EVENT UPDATE: In keeping with Stanford University's March 3 message to the campus community on COVID-19 and current recommendations of the CDC, the Asia-Pacific Research Center is...

Accidental State: Chiang Kai-shek, the United States, and the Making of Taiwan

September 26, 2016

AbstractThe existence of two Chinese states—one controlling mainland China, the other controlling the island of Taiwan—is often understood as a seemingly inevitable outcome of the Chinese civil war...

16th Korea-U.S West Coast Strategic Forum

August 19, 2016

In this sixteenth session of the Strategic Forum, former senior American and South Korean government officials and other leading experts will discuss current developments in the Korean Peninsula...

The Impact of Migration on the Sending Country: Evidence from the Philippines

May 9, 2013

More than 215 million people—approximately 3% of the world’s population—now live outside their country of birth (United Nations, 2009).

Memory and National Identity in North Korean Cultural Production

November 2, 2012

This conference will bring together scholars of North Korea who will debate various aspects of North Korean culture from historical, comparative, and multidisciplinary perspectives.  The prominence...

Cultural Attraction and Regional Identity: "Arab" Film, Malay Pop, and Muslim Politics in Southeast Asia

April 1, 2010

Southeast Asian identity is thought to be far more elite-political than mass-cultural in nature.

Solving the Global Leadership and Talent Equation

February 24, 2009

Come hear four successful entrepreneurial leaders share insights about the crucial element of talent for start-ups in a global environment: how to build a team, recruit the best people, and manage...

Divided Lenses: Film and War Memory in Asia

December 5, 2008

The Walter H.

Beyond Borders: Global Entrepreneurship

February 29, 2008

Up-and-coming Stanford entrepreneurs must think and act globally. Critical resources, markets and opportunities are around the world.

Conflicting Priorities? Security and Democracy as Challenges to Regionalism in Southeast Asia

May 22, 2007

Security has been a priority for regionalism in Southeast Asia since well before ASEAN's inception in 1967. Democracy has not.

Beyond Borders: Demystifying the Korean Image through the Media Arts: Joint Korean-American Film Festival

February 7, 2006

The South Korean film industry has, in the past few years, achieved astonishing popularity domestically and internationally.

Divine Encounters, Wolf Killing and Mythological Patricide: Ainu Identities and Japanese Colonialism

October 11, 2004

Throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Japanese "nationalism" (if such a term is even applicable) depended less on imagined similarities among Japanese than it did on their contrived...