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2020 Shorenstein Journalism Award: Featuring Award Recipient Tom Wright

September 4, 2020

This event is available through livestream only. Please register in advance for the webinar by using the link below.

Leniency in Chinese Criminal Law? Everyday Justice in Henan

April 29, 2014

In recent years Chinese courts, in particular those in Henan Province, have begun to place a vast quantity of court options online.

The Trial of Li Zhuang: Professionalism and Populism in China’s Legal Reform

October 4, 2012

China’s contemporary legal reform is characterized by the coexistence of two ideologies, professionalism and populism, in legal discourses and law practice.

Cigarette Citadels, Remapping Theory and Policy, Cigarette Factories in and Outside of China

January 30, 2012

At present, the tobacco industry produces some six trillion cigarettes worldwide every year.

Inequality in China: Challenges to a Harmonious Society

December 5, 2011

**Due to space restrictions, this event has reached capacity and we will no longer be taking RSVPs.

China's Fifth Generation takes the Helm: New Leaders, New Challenges, and Structural Constraints

November 14, 2011

The team of leaders who will take the helm in China beginning next year—the so-called “Fifth Generation”—will be better educated, have greater exposure to the outside world, and extensive...

China's Financial Circles: Banks, Borrowers and the National Budget

October 31, 2011

**Due to space restrictions, this event has reached capacity and we will no longer be taking RSVPs.

Democratic or Demagogic? "People Power" Reconsidered -- in the Philippines and Elsewhere

November 7, 2007

Unarmed mass uprisings, celebrated as "people power" revolutions, have ended authoritarian regimes in various countries.

Curbing Corruption in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Analysis

February 15, 2006

Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand are plagued by corruption. Why? What have their governments done to curb the phenomenon? How effective or ineffective have their efforts been, and why?

The Future of Asian-European Relations: A New Dynamic, or Business as Usual?

March 30, 2000

While Asia and Europe's bilateral links with the United States are deep, ties between Europe and Asia need to be strengthened.