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The Changing Governance of Higher Education in India

December 2011

In this paper, Martin Carnoy and Rafiq Dossani ask how the governance and objectives of Indian higher education have evolved, and whether changes in governance are consistent with changes in the...

History Textbooks and the Wars in Asia: Divided Memories

December 2011

Over the past fifteen years Northeast Asia has witnessed growing intraregional exchanges and interactions, especially in the realms of culture and economy.

Educational Disparities in Quality of Diabetes Care in a Universal Health Insurance System: Evidence from the 2005 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

August 2011

Objective To investigate educational disparities in the care process and health outcomes among patients with diabetes in the context of South Korea's universal health insurance system.

Understanding the Expansion and Quality of Engineering Education in India (draft)

December 2010

This is a study of higher education and quality in one of the world's largestdeveloping economies: India.

The Effect of Coresidence with an Adult Child on Depressive Symptoms among Older Widowed Women in South Korea: An Instrumental Variable Estimation

November 2010

The objective of this paper is to estimate the causal effect of coresidence with an adult child on depressive symptoms among older widowed women in South Korea.

Patient Preferences, Concerns, and Satisfaction with Providers before the Chinese Urban Health System Reform: A Social Groups Analysis

September 2010

Many Chinese express dissatisfaction with their healthcare system with the popular phrase Kan bing nan, kan bing gui (“medical treatment is difficult to access and expensive”).

Longevity, Capital Formation and Economic Development

July 2010

Many researchers have concluded that longer life expectancies prompt increased investment in education, as a prolonged labor supply raises the rate of return on education.

Principal-Agent Problems in Health Care: Evidence from Prescribing Patterns of Private Providers in Vietnam

December 2009

The principal-agent problem in health care asserts that providers, being imperfect agents for patients, will act to maximize their profits at the expense of the patients’ interests.

India Arriving: How This Economic Powerhouse is Redefining Global Business

November 2007

Once the jewel in the crown of the formidable British Empire, India has been surrounded by myth for years.

The Role of Agriculture in China's Development: Past Failures, Present Successes and Future Challenges

January 2007

In a book assessing the development of China during the People's Republic era, it is of interest to know how well agriculture has performed and the role that it has played in the development...

Consumption of Dairy Products in Urban China

November 2006

Using urban survey data collected by the authors in 2001-2002, this paper analyzes demographics, cultural factors, and purchasing behaviors influencing the consumption of fresh milk, yogurt, ice...

Reconciling Rates of Return to Education in Rural China

January 2006

Previous studies have found that the returns to education in rural China are far lower than estimates for market economies.

Enabling ICT for Rural India

September 2005

India, over the past decade, has become a test bed for innovations in information and communication technologies (ICT) serving the rural user. Various reasons explain this emergence.

The Party Elite and China's Trajectory of Change

September 2004

China's path of political and economic change has diverged sharply from the experience of virtually all other state socialist regimes.

Clashing Inspirations: Presumptive Universals and the Cult of Local Knowledge

February 2004

This keynote address was delivered at the Graduate Student Research Conference "Asia Pacific: Local Knowledge versus Western Theory," hosted by the Institute of Asian Research and the Centre for...

Career Advancement as Party Patronage: Sponsored Mobility into the Chinese Administrative Elite, 1949-1996

March 2001

Core features of mobility regimes are obscured by models common in comparative research. Party patronage in China is apparent only in the timing of career events.

Politics and Life Changes in a State Socialist Regime: Dual Career Paths into the Urban Chinese Elite, 1949 to 1996

April 2000

Recent research on career mobility under communism suggests that party membership and education may have had different effects in administrative and professional careers.

The Evolution of Local State Corporatism

July 1998

Zouping offers important general lessons for the study of China's rural transformation.

Differences That Make a Difference: Explaining Japan's Success

December 1995

"Reprint from Educational Policy, 1995.