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Re-imagining the U.S.-ROK Alliance

December 2006

The alliance between the Republic of Korea and the United States has been facing new pressures in recent months" says Shorenstein APARC's Dan Sneider.

Shorenstein APARC's Southeast Asia Forum co-hosts the visit and public lecture by Malaysia's former deputy prime minister

October 2006

Anwar Ibrahim visits Freeman Spogli Institute for a public lecture co-hosted by Shorenstein APARC's Southeast Asia Forum, the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at FSI and...

U.S. looks to China to influence North Korea

July 2006

A Chinese delegation is visiting Pyongyang to discuss the crisis set off by Kim Jong Il's missile launches. Whether it will exert any real pressure remains unclear.

A Changing Asia: Threat or Opportunity?

April 2006

As the world's most dynamic and rapidly advancing region, the Asia-Pacific has commanded global attention.

A New Spirit of Bandung?

May 2005

Donald K. Emmerson reflects on the fiftieth anniversary of a landmark meeting held in Indonesia in April 1955, which became a global icon of anti-colonial solidarity.

At the Eye of the Storm - Mourning and Hope

March 2005

Tsunami could give Aceh, Indonesia's war-torn province, the opportunity it needs, according to APARC's Donald K. Emmerson.

Military-backed militia sets up Aceh relief effort; critics fear Laskar group will undermine ceasefire

January 2005

A military-backed militia notorious for killing dozens of independence supporters during East Timor's violent breakaway from Indonesia has set up a relief operation in tsunami-wrecked Aceh province...

It's Not Enough for Democracy to Succeed

December 2003

Elections will be coming to Indonesia in a few weeks, greeted with anxiety by some and as a part of a necessary transition by others.

Radical vs. moderate Islam -- in Indonesia, a war rages

December 2003

Indonesia needs to build a modern society.

Donald K. Emmerson discusses democracy and liberty

November 2003

APARC Professor %people1%, together with IIS Director %people2% and Hoover Institution Fellow %people3% (both of CDDRL), discussed "Democracy vs.