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When Beijing Goes to Washington: Autocratic Lobbying Influence in Democracies

April 2021

Professor Erin Baggot Carter tells us how autocratic lobbying affects political outcomes and media coverage in democracies.

Democracy Challenged: Donald Trump, Min Aung Hlaing, and Indonesia

February 2021

Southeast Asia Program Director Donald K. Emmerson compares responses across Southeast Asia to the February coup in Myanmar and reflects on the parallels and differences between the state of...

Shorenstein Journalism Award Winner Tom Wright Recounts Story of Global Financial Scandal

October 2020

Wright, who led the investigation that unveiled the Malaysian 1MDB scandal, one of the largest-ever financial frauds, highlighted how Western institutions enable global corruption and undermine...

Audio: Is Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Winning Support from the People?

November 2018

“Win support from the people,” Yuhua Wang, Assistant Professor of Government at Harvard University, repeated the words from one of Xi Jinping’s speeches that was given to justify China’s massive...

Stanford law professor, security expert to lead FSI

February 2013

When Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar takes the helm of FSI in July, he'll oversee the institute's 11 research centers and programs along with a variety of undergraduate and graduate education...

Five foreign policy questions for Obama and Romney

October 2012

With the third and final debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney set to focus on foreign policy, researchers from the Freeman Spogli Institute ask the questions they want answered and...

Bo Xilai affair a turning point for China's top leadership

May 2012

A revelatory story emerged in China this spring: Bo Xilai, Chongqing’s Communist Party head, had fallen out with the party and was accused of shocking abuses of power.

Volume promotes a deeper understanding of contemporary China's development

May 2011

Recent reviews published in International Affairs and the China Quarterly hail Growing Pains: Tensions and Opportunity in China's Transformation, edited by Jean Oi, Scott Rozelle, and Xueguang Zhou...

U.S. and Japanese officials confer with SPRIE-STAJE

March 2011

A group of leading American and Japanese venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, academic experts, government officials, and leaders in business and related fields joined the "Promoting Innovation and...

Rafiq Dossani addresses key South Asia issues

February 2011

While it is known as a leading center for the study of contemporary Northeast Asia, the Walter H.

Thomas Fingar analyzes China and the global system

January 2011

China occupies a significant place in the world’s U.S.-led economic and political system.

Thomas Fingar: The view from Beijing

January 2011

In the current issue of Foreign Policy magazine, Thomas Fingar, the former deputy director of national intelligence for analysis, examines Chinese President Hu Jintao's assessment of the economic...

SEAF advises film on Indonesian democracy

October 2010

Following the resignation of Indonesia’s authoritarian president Soeharto in 1998, the country underwent an extraordinary political transformation.

Frequent changing of prime ministers in South Korea

September 2010

On August 8, South Korea's President Lee Myung-bak reshuffled his Cabinet and nominated Kim Tae-ho as Prime Minister; Kim resigned from the nomination 21 days later following corruption allegations...

News of SEAF Scholars in 2009-2010

June 2010

The Southeast Asia Forum experienced an embarrassment of riches in 2009-2010.

Exit Sri Mulyani: Corruption and reform in Indonesia

May 2010

Don Emmerson: How does a corrupt government stop corruption? What if that government is democratic, and must cultivate the support of political parties that are themselves corrupt?

March 2010 Dispatch - The Politics of Pornography: Islamic Governance in Democratic Indonesia

March 2010

Despite the recent Islamic revival that has dramatically increased public expressions of piety, Islamic political parties have failed to gain any significant electoral traction in Indonesia.

Leading Thai Scholar on Campus March-April 2010

March 2010

Thitinan Pongsudhirak was selected in a campus-wide competition to spend two months--March and April 2010--at Stanford as an FSI-Humanities Center International Visitor.

Contexts of terror in Indonesia

July 2009

Jim Castle is a friend of mine. I have known him since we were graduate students in Indonesia in the late 1960s.

What's Up with Southeast Asian Studies at Stanford? Recap, Prospect, Controversy

June 2009

The 2008-09 academic year was a busy time for the Southeast Asia Forum (SEAF).

Obama's Trifecta: So Far, So Good

June 2009

US President Barack Hussein Obama's speech on 4 June 2009 in Cairo, the second of three planned trips to Muslim-majority countries, was outstanding.

December 2008 Dispatch - Democracy and Decentralization in Indonesia: Ten Years after Suharto

December 2008

We are pleased to bring you this month's dispatch in our series of Shorenstein APARC Dispatches.

Shorenstein APARC receives grant from Academy of Korean Studies

January 2008

Shorenstein APARC has received a grant from the Academy of Korean Studies in Seoul which enables the center to publish a series of books on Korea's democratization and social change, under the...