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Technology Tensions Redefining U.S.-China Relations, Says Security Expert Adam Segal

March 2020

The headlines about the United States and China have been dominated by the spread of COVID-19 and trade deal negotiations.

Engineering and Technology Expert Cautions Against U.S. Restrictions on Collaboration with Chinese Nationals

November 2019

As a U.S.-China trade deal hangs in the balance and the world’s two largest economies are locked in a race for technological supremacy, concerns have arisen about China’s counterintelligence threat...

Shorenstein Journalism Award Winner Maria Ressa Describes Philippine Broken Information Ecosystem, Democratic Recession

October 2019

“This is an existential moment for global power structures, turned upside down by technology.

Debating Artificial Intelligence: The Fox Versus the Hedgehog

July 2019

Singapore has been described as “a thriving hub for artificial intelligence.” In May 2019, Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) released the first edition of “A Proposed Model AI...

Fad-Loving Japan May Derail a Sony Smartphone

June 2013

In The New York Times, Kenji Kushida discussed Japan's "Galapagos" information technology sector and the unique pace of the Japanese cellphone market.

IT and globalizing Japan's human resources

August 2012

In a Nikkei Business interview, Kenji Kushida discussed Japan's "Galapagos" information technology sector, Silicon Valley, and the need for globalized human resources in Japan.

Kushida named Takahashi Research Associate

August 2011

In July, the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center Shorenstein APARC named Stanford alumnus Kenji Kushida as its Takahashi Research Associate in Japanese Studies.

The quiet revolution in the Indian workforce

June 2008

Shorenstein APARC senior research scholar Rafiq Dossani reflects on the revolution in higher education in India, which "has still not been understood, even within India, perhaps because of the...

Rafiq Dossani speaks on India's arrival in IT

December 2007

In 1990, India's information technology sector had only around $100 million in exports. Today, it has become a major force in IT. So how did India's arrival in information technology happen?

SPRIE co-director Henry Rowen examines "The Curious Life of Clusters"

September 2007

Writing for the Far Eastern Economic Review, SPRIE Co-Director Henry Rowen discusses the formation of information technology clusters and how governments in Asia may help or hinder them.

Douglas Fuller on complacency toward China's challenge to U.S. science and technology lead

April 2006

SPRIE Fellow Douglas Fuller points out that a recent Duke University report--one that downplays concerns about the low number of U.S.

SELECT Magazine interview with Senior Research Scholar Rafiq Dossani about outsourcing

February 2006

SELECT Magazine's contributing editor talks to Rafiq Dossani about outsourcing, one of the hottest and most controversial topics in the global IT industry.

MNC R&D Labs in China -- IP Protection and Innovation for the Global Market

November 2005

On November 29, 2005, SPRIE Fellow Dr.

Asia's Polite Reception to Bush Masks Declining U.S. Influence

November 2005

On the surface, President Bush's week-long swing through Northeast Asia has been a strong contrast with his recent stormy (and, some say, stumbling) excursion into Latin America.

From California dreaming to silicon success: the rise of China's semiconductor industry

October 2005

On October 18, 2005, SPRIE presented the next seminar in its 2005-2006 series on "Greater China and the Globalization of R&D" with speaker Dr. Doug Fuller, current SPRIE Fellow. Dr.

Pakistan not yet on the outsourcing map

September 2005

Despite a late start, Pakistan's information technology entrepreneurs and the government are hoping to make it big in the global marketplace for outsourcing of IT-enabled services.

Remembering Y2K: The Impact Today

March 2005

Remember Y2K? Chances are, you're not thinking of the year 2000. You're thinking of the predictions of doom for New Year's Day, 2000.

Not Quite the World's Silicon Valley

February 2004

APARC's Rafiq Dossani comments on offshoring U.S. jobs to India, the so-called "reverse brain drain."

Offshore job losses on voters' agendas

January 2004

Rafiq Dossani has the last word on the potential for U.S. jobs to move offshore, as John Kerry and Howard Dean compete to stress this hot-button issue.

Radical vs. moderate Islam -- in Indonesia, a war rages

December 2003

Indonesia needs to build a modern society.

Rafiq Dossani discusses business process outsourcing to India

December 2003

When times were good, the U.S. technology industry was famous for attracting some of the best and brightest minds in India. But now that the industry has slumped and jobs in the U.S.

Interview with Rafiq Dossani in Silicon Valley Biz Ink

September 2003

Silicon Valley BizInk spoke to APARC Senior Research Scholar %people1% about his current hot-button work on the offshoring of business practices (BPO) to India.


Portrait of Kenji Kushida Kenji E. Kushida Research Scholar at APARC