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Unpacking the Crisis in Xinjiang: James Millward on China's Assimilationist Policies and U.S.-China Engagement

March 2022

APARC Visiting Scholar James Millward discusses PRC ethnicity policy, China's crackdown on Uyghur Muslims and other minorities in Xinjiang province, and the implications of the Xinjiang crisis...

The Human Rights Crisis in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

November 2019

Shall I tell you why we have brought you here? To cure you! To make you sane! Will you understand, Winston, that no one whom we bring to this place ever leaves our hands uncured?

Between Hope and Caution: One American’s View of Indonesia’s Election

April 2019

On April 17, Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest country and the third largest democracy after India and America, goes to the polls.

Ian Johnson, longtime foreign correspondent, to receive Shorenstein Journalism Award

March 2017

Ian Johnson, a veteran journalist with a focus on Chinese society, religion and history, is the 2016 recipient of the Shorenstein Journalism Award.

Indonesian campaign poster symbolism and political identity

February 2012

Riding around on the back of a motorcycle in 2009, Jeremy Menchik snapped photos of hundreds of Indonesian campaign posters.

New fellows to study China's automotive industry and religious tolerance in Indonesia

March 2011

In September, Crystal Chang and Jeremy M. Menchik will join the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center as its Shorenstein Fellows for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Donald K. Emmerson contemplates recent events in Egypt and Tunisia

February 2011

In light of the recent ousting of the presidents of Egypt and Tunisia, Donald K.

News of SEAF Scholars in 2009-2010

June 2010

The Southeast Asia Forum experienced an embarrassment of riches in 2009-2010.

March 2010 Dispatch - The Politics of Pornography: Islamic Governance in Democratic Indonesia

March 2010

Despite the recent Islamic revival that has dramatically increased public expressions of piety, Islamic political parties have failed to gain any significant electoral traction in Indonesia.

SEAF Director Donald K. Emmerson debates "Islamism" in new book

November 2009

Islamism: Contested Perspectives on Political Islam was published by Stanford University Press in November 2009. But the story behind the book dates back five years to November 2004.

Islamism: What is to be said and done?

November 2009

More than any of his predecessors, President Obama has reached out to "the Muslim world." But what of the terms and the timing of that demarche?

SEAF Scholars Traveling to Philadelphia despite Old Joke

October 2009

Past, present, and future Southeast Asianists linked to SEAF have ignored the hoary joke about the contest whose first prize is one week in Philadelphia and whose second prize is two weeks in that...

Contexts of terror in Indonesia

July 2009

Jim Castle is a friend of mine. I have known him since we were graduate students in Indonesia in the late 1960s.

What's Up with Southeast Asian Studies at Stanford? Recap, Prospect, Controversy

June 2009

The 2008-09 academic year was a busy time for the Southeast Asia Forum (SEAF).

Obama's Trifecta: So Far, So Good

June 2009

US President Barack Hussein Obama's speech on 4 June 2009 in Cairo, the second of three planned trips to Muslim-majority countries, was outstanding.

Islam in Indonesia, Fear in America - A Child's and a Country's Horizons

February 2007

Shorenstein APARC's Donald Emmerson responds to accusations made by Fox News and Insight Magazine "that Obama was influenced by a radical Islamist agenda" when he was a young schoolboy in Jakarta,...

Donald Emmerson, Indonesia expert - on Barack Obama's early religious instruction in Indonesia

January 2007

Donald Emmerson responds to allegations that U.S. presidential hopeful Barak Obama was educated in a madrasah in Jakarta.

Shorenstein APARC's Southeast Asia Forum co-hosts the visit and public lecture by Malaysia's former deputy prime minister

October 2006

Anwar Ibrahim visits Freeman Spogli Institute for a public lecture co-hosted by Shorenstein APARC's Southeast Asia Forum, the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at FSI and...

India's Economic and Political Weekly reviews Prospects for Peace in South Asia

February 2006

At a time of unusual US interest in south Asia it is useful to see how specialists there look at the two issues explored in this book -- the Kashmir conflict and south Asian nuclearisation.

Saving Face and How to Say Farewell

November 2005

Even in the absence of a sudden and dramatic shift on the battlefield toward a definitive victory, there may still be a slight opening, as narrow as the eye of a needle, for the United States to...

APARC's Don Emmerson urges Muslim understanding in America

July 2005

In the post-9/11 world there is an urgent need for Americans to understand the Muslim world, and vice versa.

U.S. Asian policy for Bush's second term

January 2005

What might we expect of the Bush administration in its second term? APARC's Michael Armacost considers the road ahead.