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What Should the U.S. (Not) Be Doing?: A Southeast Asian View

May 7, 2003

Is unipolarity--American primacy--good or bad for the world? For Southeast Asia? For Indonesia? How dangerous or constructive is the Bush doctrine of preemption? Should the U.S.

"Hating Americans" in Muslim Southeast Asia: From the Bali Bombing to the Baghdad Bombing--And Back

April 10, 2003

Asked his reaction to the Iraq war, the accused Bali bomber Amrozi said: "It just goes to show I was not wrong to bomb." The October 2002 bombings of two nightclubs on Bali were the worst act of...

War in Iraq: Implications for Asia and U.S.-Asian Relations

April 9, 2003

How is the American-led war in Iraq affecting Asian countries and their relations with the United States? Is a clash of civilizations underway?

Prospects for Peace in South Asia

January 20, 2003

Following the success of the first conference held in January 2002, the Asia/Pacific Research Center and the US Army War College plan to hold a second conference in January 2003.

Al Qaeda in Southeast Asia: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

November 15, 2002

Over the last two years in Southeast Asia, acts of terror done in the name of Islam have divided analysts into two broad camps.

Faith, Politics, and Violence in Indonesia

February 11, 2002

American news from Indonesia has been alarming. "Asian Terror: Al Qaeda Seeks Niche in Indonesia, Officials Fear," headlined the New York Times on 23 January 2002.

Report from Indonesia - Megawati's Challenges: The Road Ahead

December 14, 2001

Four months into Megawati Sukarnoputri's presidency, many of the same ills continue to plague Indonesia Ð economic and legal reforms are at a standstill, corruption is rampant and Indonesia's 220...

Beyond bin Laden: Islam in Asia since September 11

November 15, 2001

While Islam is commonly portrayed as a Middle Eastern religion, the majority of the world's Muslims reside in Asia.

Kuala Lumpur is not Kabul: Militants and Tolerance in the Asian Core of the Muslim World

November 12, 2001

Physically aligned as they are toward Mecca, the daily prayers and lifetime pilgrimages of Muslims around the world--hundreds of millions of spokes of religious practice--surround and sustain the...

Islam in Asia after September 11 -- A Panel Discussion

November 7, 2001

In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11th, and the subsequent response by the United States, millions of Muslims across Asia face a new political landscape and changes to...