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Renegotiating the World Order: Institutional Change in International Relations

June 2017

Rising powers often seek to reshape the world order, triggering confrontations with those who seek to defend the status quo.

Implementing Structural Reforms in Abenomics: How to Reduce the Cost of Doing Business in Japan

August 2015

Improving the environment for business is an important part of the growth strategy of Abenomics.

Investing in China's Rural Infrastructure and Environment

December 2006

The purpose of this executive summary is to provide a concise statement about what we have learned about investment into China's rural environment.

Curbing Asian Corruption: An Impossible Dream?

April 2006

The rise of Asia is regarded in most of the world as primarily an economic phenomenon.

China's Rural Public Finance: The Village Perspective - Annex 8

January 2006

In this paper we set out to accomplish three objectives. First, we wanted to track and describe the way the fiscal reforms have been implemented in China's townships.

China's Rural Public Finance: The Village Perspective - Annex 7

October 2005

This report provides a preliminary examination of changes in village fiscal affairs between 2000 and 2004.

Markets, Specialization and China's Smallholder Agriculture

April 2004

As seen in the previous sections, China's reformers, more than anything, have followed a strategy based on providing incentives through property rights reforms, even though in China the shift to...

Foreign Direct Investment in New Electricity Generating Capacity in Developing Asia: Stakeholders, Risks, and the Search for a New Paradigm

January 2001

The rate of investment sufficient to provide developing Asia with a reasonably adequate supply of electricity is immense, ranging from a World Bank estimate of 2000 megawatts (MW) each month (which...

Role of Government in Economic Development, The: Some Observations from the Experience of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

August 1998

This collection of papers stems from a recent World Bank project focused upon the contentious issue of whether government has played any positive role in the success of the so-called "high...